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Crime Busters

Rewards of up to £500 for information leading to successful prosecutions for criminal offences

What is Crime Busters?
Our Crime Busters initiative aims, with the help of our local community, to fight crime in our stores. When there has been a suspected criminal activity at Home Bargains, we appeal to you – members of the public – for any information you may have. Rewards are then paid for information given which aids the police in a successful prosecution.

How to Help?
Look out for posters in our stores or visit the Crime Busters webpage. If you have any information contact us by calling our confidential hotline on 0151 547 4452

What happens next?
You will be contacted by the loss prevention officer dealing with the case. They will collate any information given and act as a liaison between yourself and the police. The loss prevention officer will keep you updated of any progress in the police investigation and can be contacted at anytime.

Rewards are paid for any information given, which leads to a successful prosecution. After a successful prosecution you will be contacted by the loss prevention officer, who will make arrangements for a cheque to be paid at a location and time which is private and convenient.

Staying Anonymous
Any information given is optional. You will not be required to give any person details, make a police statement or attend court if you do not want to – although this can sometimes affect the progress of a police investigation. All information is held in the strictest confidence.

We are offering a reward of up to £500 per instance for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of anyone committing a criminal offence in our stores. If you have any information please contact us by clicking on the button below, calling our confidential hotline number, 0151 547 4452, or speaking to the Store Manager in the relevant Home Bargains store.

Below is a series of images of people we'd like to speak to in connection with suspected criminal activity in Home Bargains stores. Can you help us identify them?